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OpenCodeDB is a TOP PostgreSQL Solutions Provider that helps companies drive business impact and adapt faster to the Open-source platforms. OpenCodeDB provides Migration, Integration, Flex DBA, Consulting, Training, Big Data Solutions, Multi-Cloud Database solutions.

As Customers increasingly supplement and replace their on premise Proprietary database platforms with OSS and Cloud platforms, we believe efficiently and securely managing user's digital footprint in this hybrid IT environment becomes even more important. Our vision of delivering unified PostgreSQL services that centrally manage data across data center and Cloud platform is integral to every product and solution we support.

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Thinking about moving to PostgreSQL? Adopting the Community PostgreSQL software gives you flexibility to transition to Cloud platforms and/or On-premise Infrastructure without licensing fuss. OpenCode can help you adopt OSS-Open Source Software and let you enjoy the freedom.

Database Consulting

Drawing on the talents of PostgreSQL experts with decades of experience, we provide highly reliable solutions that you need for your PostgreSQL Ecosystem.

Architectural Health Check

Our team of PostgreSQL experts will help diagnose and repair an existing system in flight. Do you need somebody with the confidence to know what they affect with every command? We can help.

Flex & Remote DBA

Enterprise Monitoring. Scheduled and Unscheduled DB Maintenance. Annual Assessment and Health check.

Cloud Administration

Cloud deployment requires an additional set of skills for Database Administration. Our team has the experience that you need to make a successful architecture in shared services. We will advise on:


Our suite of Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions & Services

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Our Service Support

Application Development

Our PostgreSQL experts come from a variety of backgrounds including database engineers, Mathematicians, and Application Architects.

Round the clock support

Our staff can pick up for any time zone that you need covered, and can directly fix the issue or escalate appropriately.


Emergencies happen. Contact us as soon as possible, and we will provide immediate assistance in problem diagnosis and recovery.


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